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Practically every event of my life can be summed up in the lyrics of a classic rock song.  My decision to become a professional photographer is no exception.

I was a teenager during the 60’s, listening to rock music on FM-radio and 8-track tapes.  Simon & Garfunkel was (and still is) a favorite, but 1 song, in particular, has stuck with me.  From the Bookends album, 1968:

Time it was,

And what a time it was,

It was . . .

A time of innocence,

A time of confidences.

Long ago . . . it must be . . .

I have a photograph.

Preserve your memories;

They’re all that’s left you.

I love this song, and I listen to the album frequently when I’m at my computer doing post-production work.  It takes me back to the time when, in high school, I first began using a Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) camera.  I was one of the photographers for our high school yearbook, so it was my job to preserve memories.  Today, it’s my passion.

While I would love for you to hire me to capture and preserve your memories, I want to help and encourage you to do this for yourself, as well.  My blog is for anyone who wants to capture special moments and preserve them for future generations.

Today, everyone has a digital camera at the ready.  Whether you carry your smart phone in your pocket or your purse, it’s within reach.  You might be like me and have several thousand images on your phone, but how many of them ever get printed?  What do you do with these photographs once you’ve shared them on Instagram or Facebook?

For most of my life, we had to use film to capture our memories and milestones.  We had no choice but to print our photographs.  We thought Polaroid cameras were awesome because we didn’t have to wait to see what our images looked like.  I am blessed to have boxes of wonderful old photographs that I can hold in my hand and gaze at for as long as I wish.  These images bring back special moments of time spent with my parents and my brother who are no longer with me, friends I’ve lost too soon, and the beautiful memories of my son’s childhood.

I’ve read more than once that today’s kids are the most photographed generation who won’t have any actual photographs of themselves.  Let’s not let that happen in our own family or yours.  Whether you take photographs with your smart phone or hire a professional, my blog posts will be about helping you preserve your memories and milestones.

In the meantime (and because I love old photographs), I’d like to share some of my favorite Facebook pages with you.  Check them out when you have a chance.  You will probably “Like” them, too! Preserve Your MemoriesWhile I still have the old LP, I now listen to this album on iTunes. While it's a bit ragged from wear, it's value is priceless to me. Also included here are some Polaroid images from my childhood.





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